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020 _a9783030374709
082 _a004.678
110 _aAlam, Mansaf, ed.
245 _aInternet of things (IoT)
_b: concepts and applications
260 _aCham
300 _a532p.
500 _aTable of Contents:- Part 1: Internet of Things (IoT) Architecture Chapter 1. Foundation of IoT: An Overview Chapter 2. Cloud Computing for IoT Chapter 3. Open Service Platforms for IoT Part 2: Solutions and Enablers for IoT Chapter 4. Resource Management Techniques for Cloud-Based IoT Environment Chapter 5. Data Management for the Internet Of Things Chapter 6. Machine Learning for IoT Systems Chapter 7. Supervising Data Transmission Services Using Secure Cloud Based Validation and Admittance Control Mechanism Part 3: IoT Challenges and Issues Chapter 8. Tackling Jamming attacks in IoT Chapter 9. Bio-inspired Techniques for Data Security in IoT Chapter 10. A Chaos-based Multi-level Dynamic Framework for Image Encryption Chapter 11. Privacy Challenges and Solutions Part 4: The IoT World of Applications Chapter 12. Mobile Computing and IoT Chapter 13. Single Activity Recognition System: A Review Chapter 14. Deep Learning and IoT for Agricultural Applications Chapter 15. IoT for Crowd Sensing and Crowd Sourcing Chapter 16. Smart Infrastructures Part 5: IoT for Smart Cities Chapter 17. IoT application for smart cities data storage and processing based on triangulation method Chapter 18. Intelligent Environment Protection Chapter 19. Smart Agriculture Chapter 20. Intelligent Healthcare Solutions Chapter 21. Smart Car -Accident Detection and Notification using Amazon Alexa Chapter 22. Prioritization of Challenges towards development of Smart Manufacturing using BWM Method Part 6: Next Generation Smart Applications Chapter 23. Surveillance of Type -I & II Diabetic Subjects on Physical Characteristics: IoT and Big Data Perspective in Healthcare @NCR, India Chapter 24. Monitoring System Based in Wireless Sensor Network for Precision Agriculture Chapter 25. Securing E-Health IoT Data on Cloud Systems using Novel Extended Role Based Access Control Model Chapter 26. An Efficient Approach towards Enhancing the Performance of m-Health using Sensor Networks and Cloud Technologies Chapter 27. Future Internet of Things (IOT) from cloud perspective: Aspects, Applications and Challenges.
650 _aInternet of things
650 _aApplication software
650 _aComputer organization
650 _aManagement information systems
700 _aShakil, Kashish Ara, ed.
700 _aKhan, Samiya, ed.
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