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100 _aPipara, G.C.
245 _aBalance sheet decoded
_bkeys to unlock balance sheet secrets
250 _a3rd ed.
260 _aNew Delhi
300 _a452 p.
500 _aTable of Content: Statement of Profit & Loss o Revenue from Operations o Other Income o Cost of Materials Consumed and Purchases of Traded Goods o Manufacturing and Operating Cost o Finance Cost o Depreciation o Tax Expense o Other Expenses o Exceptional Items, Extraordinary Items and Prior Period Items o Property, Plant and Equipment – Tangible o Fixed Assets – Intangible o Investments o Loans & Advances o Other Assets o Inventories and Trade Receivables o Cash, Cash Equivalent and Bank Balances o Advances Recoverable in Cash or Kind or for Value to be Received o Shareholders’ Funds or Net Worth or Capital o Provisions & Contingent Liabilities o Borrowings o Trade Payables and Other Liabilities Concept of Audit and Auditor’s Report o Understand the Audit o Report on Internal Financial Controls o Analysis of Opinions o Analysis of Emphasis of Matters/Note Companies Auditor’s Report Order o Control over Resources o Related Party Transactions o Legal Compliance o Statutory Dues o Financial Health of the Company o End Use of Funds o Whistle Blower o Resignation of Statutory Auditor Connecting Statement o Significant Accounting Policies o Notes on Accounts o Cash Flow Statements Master Key o How to Link 5 Key to Decode Financial Statement
520 _aThis book aims to explain the readers how to read, understand, analyse and interlink the voluminous information available in the financial statement with the help of charts, case analysis, etc. In other words, this book provides in-depth analysis, stepwise approach with the use of case analysis, to understand & decode the financial statements.
650 _aCompanies Auditor’s Report
650 _aStatement of Profit & Loss
650 _aCash Flow Statements
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