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Brennan, Jack

More straight talk on investing : lessons for a lifetime - Hoboken Wiley 2021 - 318p.

Table of Contents:

Part I: Master the Basics
1 Successful Investing is Easier Than You Think
2 You Gotta Have Trust
3 A Map to Success: Hmm, Sounds Like a Plan
4 Save More—Without Feeling the Pinch
5 Hope for the Best—But Prepare for Something Less

Part II: Construct a Sensible Portfolio
6 Balance and Diversification Help You Sleep at Night
7 You Need a Personal Investment Policy Whether You’re Starting with Zillions or Zip
8 Mutual Funds and Exchange-Traded Funds: The Easy Way to Diversify
9 How to Pick a Mutual Fund (and How Not To)
10 It’s What You Keep That Counts
11 Risk: Give It the Gut Test
12 Some Advice on Financial Advice

Part III: Manage Your Investments With Focus and Discipline
13 Buy-and-Hold Really Works
14 Time is Everything
15 Routine Maintenance for Your Portfolio
16 Stupid Math Tricks for Smart Investors

Part IV: Stay On Course
17 “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World”
18 Why You May Be Your Own Worst Enemy
19 Be20 Navigating Distractions to Reach Your Destination
20 Navigating Distractions to Reach Your Destination
21 Is the “Smart Money” Smart? Yes, but. . .
22 Regrets? I’ve Had a Few
23 Getting to Boca

This book will help you build the knowledge, confidence, and discipline necessary to successfully navigate the financial markets and achieve long-term investment success. While the basic principles of financial planning and investment are timeless, a great deal has changed in the nearly two decades, including new products and services, decreased costs, and ever-changing regulation and legislation. In the past two decades, an entire generation of investors has come of age and could benefit from understanding that prudent investment is an effective means of achieving financial stability.This book will help you manage your "serious" money, or the funds you set away for long-term goals such as retirement or your children's education. The book also highlights the notion of thinking of oneself as a "financial entrepreneur" and handling one's finances as a business owner would.The book demonstrates in a clear, straightforward manner:Create a diverse, balanced portfolio that suits your requirements and objectives.Examine mutual funds and ETFs with a critical eye.Adopt a disciplined, long-term attitude to investment.Control your emotions and tune off the media's constant "noise".Know the dangers and benefits of financial markets.Create a plan and investing policy statement to guide your future actions.Avoid the traps and errors that could derail your financial strategy.The author provides anecdotes and observations to illustrate the timeless financial principles that will serve as a guide for beginning investors and a useful refresher for seasoned investors.


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