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Research handbook on entrepreneurial behavior, practice and process - Cheltenham Edward Elgar 2021 - 368p. - Research handbooks in business and management series .

Table of contents:

1 Introduction to the Research Handbook on Entrepreneurial
Behavior, Practice and Process


2 Expert skills: implications for studying the behavior of
Bruce T. Teague and William B. Gartner
3 Advancing entrepreneurship as practice: previous
developments and future possibilities
Neil Aaron Thompson and Orla Byrne
4 Entrepreneurial process: mapping a multiplicity of


5 Ethnography’s answer to the plus zone challenge of
6 Performing affirmation: autoethnography as an activist
approach to entrepreneurship
7 Searching for the roots of entrepreneuring as practice:
introducing the enactive approach
8 Practicing participant observations: capturing entrepreneurial
9 Capturing action from within: the use of personal diaries
10 Collecting digital research data through social media
platforms: can “scientific social media” disrupt
entrepreneurship research methods?
11 Perspectives in multilevel research in entrepreneurship


12 Temporality and embodied practice: theorizing the
relationality of entrepreneurial events
13 Socially situated entrepreneurial cognition: promising linkage
and directions in studying entrepreneurial behavior, practice
and process
14 A longitudinal project of new venture teamwork and
15 Designing experiential entrepreneurship education based on
entrepreneurial practice and behavior

this Research Handbook demonstrates specific methods for answering that question and provides insights into the implications of pursuing that question. The authors demonstrate a variety of methods including ethnography, autoethnography, participant observation, diaries, social media platforms and multilevel research techniques to delve into the foundations of entrepreneurial behavior. In addition to reinvigorating this long dormant area of scholarship, these chapters provide scholars with the idea that the disparate perspectives on this topic are really headed in the same direction. They also demonstrate the notion that similar tools can be utilized to answer the same type of questions emanating from these different perspectives. The contributors go on to offer insights to a wide range of scholarship on organizations. Entrepreneurship scholars, PhD students, and upper level graduate and undergraduate students who want a current overview on the theories, methods and implications of studying entrepreneurship will welcome the insights explored in this Research Handbook.


Diversity in the workplace - Management
Sustainable development - Social aspects
Entrepreneurship - Research

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