Mountain View
Saltz, Jeffrey S.

Data science for business with R - New Delhi Sage Publications 2022 - 389p.

Table of Contents:

Introduction: Data Science, Many Skills
Chapter 1: Getting Started with R & RStudio
Chapter 2: Rows and Columns
Chapter 3: Data Munging
Chapter 4: What’s My Function?
Chapter 5: Beer, Farms, and Peas and the Use of Statistics
Chapter 6: Sample in a Jar
Chapter 7: Storage Wars
Chapter 8: Pictures vs. Numbers
Chapter 9: Map Mashup
Chapter 10: Lining Up Our Models
Chapter 11: What’s Your Vector, Victor?
Chapter 12: Hi Ho, Hi Ho—Data Mining We Go
Chapter 13: Word Perfect (Text Mining)
Chapter 14: Shiny Web Apps
Chapter 15: Time for a Deep Dive


R (Computer program language)
Business - Data processing
Commercial statistics

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