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Edmans, Alex

Grow the pie : how great companies deliver both purpose and profit - New York Cambridge University Press 2020 - 371p.

Table of Contents

How to read this book
Part I. Why grow the pie? Introducing the idea:
1. The pie-growing mentality: a new approach to business that works for both investors and society
2. Growing the pie doesn't aim to maximise profits – but often does: freeing a company to take more investments, ultimately driving its success:
3. Growing the pie doesn't mean growing the enterprise: three principles to guide trade-offs and which projects to turn down
4. Does pieconomics work?: data – not wishful thinking – shows that companies can both do good and do well
Part II. What grows the pie? Exploring the evidence:
5. Incentives: rewarding long-term value creation while deterring short-term gaming
6. Stewardship: the value of engaged investors that both support and challenge management
7. Repurchases: investing with restraint, releasing resources to create value elsewhere in society
Part III. How to grow the pie? Putting it into practice:
8. Enterprises: the power of purpose and how to make it real
9. Investors: turning stewardship from a policy into a practice
10. Citizens: how individuals can act and shape business, rather than be acted upon
Part IV. The bigger picture:
11. Growing the pie more widely: win-win thinking at the national and personal levels
Action items


Social responsibility of business
Income distribution

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