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Singh, Jagbir

Tsunamis : future threats - New Delhi Dreamtech 2020 - 212p.

Table of contents:
1. Mechanisms of Tsunamis
2. Origin and scientific causes of Tsunamis
3. Chronology of world Tsunamis
4. Ecological and environmental impacts of a Tsunami
5. Future threats of a Tsunamis
6. Tsunami disaster and their management

The book deals with the mechanism of Tsunami related environmental problems to India and the role that disaster management will play. Natural disasters are a big challenge for the world community, particularly for India, where the time has come that the government takes responsibility to see that the local people living in the coastal areas must be involved and that the disaster management awareness programme must be compulsory in all schools. This book deals with all the aspects of Tsunamis and their management.


Natural disasters- Tsunamis
Emergency management- India

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