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Rustagi, R. P.

Fundamentals of financial management - 15th ed. - New Delhi Taxman 2020 - 412p.

Table of contents:
1.Financial management : an introduction
2.The mathematics of finance
3.Capital budgeting : an introduction
4.Capital budgeting : techniques of evaluation
5.Cost of capital
6.Financing decision : leverage analysis
7.Financing decision : ebit-eps analysis
8.Leverage, cost of capital and value of the firm
9.Capital structure : planning and designing
10.Dividend decision and valuation of the firm
11.Dividend policy : determinants and constraints
12.Working capital : planning and management
13.Working capital : estimation and calculation
14.Management of cash and marketable securities
15.Receivables management
16.Inventory management
17.Valuation of securities


Financial management

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