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Panneerselvam, S.

Business statistics and analytics - New Delhi Cengage 2019 - 298p.

Table of contents:
1. Introduction to Statistics for Management
2. Measures of Central Tendency
3. Measures of Dispersion
4. Correlation and Regression
5. Probability
6. Expectancy Theory
7. Probability Distribution
8. Sampling and Sampling Distribution
9. Testing of Hypothesis and Inferences
10. Time Series Analysis
11. Index Numbers
12. Data Analysis Using Advanced Excel

This book introduces the reader to the fundamentals of statistics for making business decisions. It discusses the various concepts related to statistics that are helpful in making business decisions. The book provides the conceptual clarity for understanding data. Many solved examples are given to make the student understand the concept in a better way in the form of business anecdotes, though fictitious in nature. Many examples are also solved using MS Excel.


Commercial Statistics

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