Mountain View
Srinivasa K. G.

Internet of things - New Delhi Cengage 2019 - 441p.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction to IOT- (“Internet of things”)
2. Transducers, sensors and actuators
3. IoT protocols
4. Domain specific IoT
5. IoT platform design methodology
6. Logical design using Python
7. IoT physical devices and endpoints Arduino UNO
8. IoT physical devices and endpoints Raspberrypi
9. IoT physical devices and endpoints Intel Galileo
10. IoT web application development
11. Tools for IoT

This book is targeted for beginners to the Internet of Things (IoT), application developers who want to start off with a hands-on approach towards IoT as their tool of choice, and experts who want to expand their repertoire of tools for analysis. The book is organized in such a manner that the reader can jump to any chapter they prefer to read and not necessarily follow the order in which chapters are written. At the end of the book, a laboratory companion is provided to facilitate learners to carry out some laboratory exercises.


Internet of things

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