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Gupta, Deepakshi

Managerial economics - New Delhi Dreamtech 2019 - 618p.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction to managerial economics
2. Demand analysis
3. Elasticity of demand
4. Theory of consumer demand
5. Demand estimation and demand forecasting
6. Theory of supply
7. Production function
8. Cost analysis and break even analysis
9. Revenue analysis
10. Objectives of firms
11. Competitive equilibrium price
12. Market morphology
13. Perfect competition
14. Monopolistic competition
15. Monopoly pricing and output equilibrium
16. Oligopoly market
17. Pricing policy and methods
18. Input output analysis
19. Concepts of national income and its measurements
20. Classical theory of employment
21. Keynes theory of employment
22. Consumption function
23. Inflation and its measurement
24. Fiscal policy, monetary policy and government – key issues
25. Business cycles: trade cycles

This text covers all relevant topics under the scope and the subject matter of Managerial Economics. This book is designed to provide the theoretical and applied knowledge of economics. It contains ample description of different topics. It has an application oriented approach and also blend of topics from micro- and macro- economics.


Managerial economics

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