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Siddaiah, Thummuluri

International financial management : an analytical framework - 2nd ed. - Noida Pearson 2018 - 532p.

The book covers all major issues and topics in the field of international finance. The book uses tools, such as learning objectives, marginalia, solved examples, figures, tables, chapter summaries, exercises, case studies and multiple-choice questions, to help the reader understand complex topics like currency options, currency futures and financial swaps. Topics related to Indian economic and financial practices have been included like Indian foreign exchange market, India's balance of payments, domestic
policy on foreign trade and investments, Indian accounting and taxation system. The use of data from sources, such as the RBI, UNCTAD, World Bank and IMF, makes the reader draw meaningful inferences and conclusions about recent developments and events. A detailed and analytical discussion of every concept and theory from practical perspective will help practicing managers and executives to make the right choices.



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